April ’11: Carrot Cakes & Cake Pops

  • Carrot Cakes
  • Cake Pops


Carrot cakes

with cream cheese frosting

Something seemed to be off with my muffin pans recently.  They’re always stuck to my pan (even with greasing).  I’m thinking maybe I overfill the batter 😦 Half of the cake fell off/got stuck/broke into pieces 👿 I was so irritated I just dumped all the broken pieces into one big pot.


Cake pops (failed product)

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, 4 different kinds of chocolate

Then, it came to my mind instead of throwing the freshly baked cake to squirrels, I can make cake pops.  I’m going to have leftover frosting anyway and there is a big pot of freshly baked cake crumbs sitting in the pot.  I’ve read about cake pops many times, but I never intended to make it one day.  It just happened I had all the ingredients so might as well give it a try.

  1. After combining the cake pops together and chilling it for an hour, I decided there is no way I can serve the cake pops without dipping them into chocolate.
  2. My first round of chocolate dipping: I used a milk chocolate with nuts in it.  Apparently there weren’t enough chocolate. (It’s the chocolate layer at the bottom of the cake pops if you can see clearly)
  3. After chilling the cake pops, I decided I should add another layer of chocolate or no one will want to touch these cake pops.  I melted my pink candy chocolate –> it wasn’t enough so I melted some white chocolate –> it also wasn’t enough so I melted a bit of semisweet chocolate. (I also took out the sticks on the cake pops at this stage)
  4. Actually after the last round of chilling and photo-taking, some cake pops still had a naked bottom 😳 It was a bad night, half of my house including me was in a nutty mood. I was too tired, and I was finally over my crazily irritated stage.  I didn’t want to melt anymore chocolate to cover up the naked parts of some of the cake pops.
  5. So in the end, these were failed “cake pops” 🙄

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