Québec City Eats: Paillard Café

✣ Top pick ✣

This is a very popular bakery located in the heart of old Québec City.  I can only speak for the pastries, which were well done.  They were light and flaky, with sweet buttery ribbons.  Don’t miss out the award winning croissants.  The café also sells bread, sandwiches and hot lunches, desserts and Gelato (which looked like the real thing, unlike other fake Gelato places).

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

1212 Paillard CafePaillard during Christmas time

1212 Bûche de Noël à la crème Moka (Paillard)1212 Bûche de Noël (Paillard)

Les Traditionnelles Bûche de Noël
Crème au beurre au café, Biscuit joconde aux amandes
Bûche de Noël

1212 Porchestta sandwich, Crème de Champignon (Paillard)

Porchestta sandwich, Crème de Champignon
Coffee was good here.  The soup was very filling and flavourful.  They gave me a lemon macaron along with the meal 🙂

1212 Boeuf Bistro (Paillard)

Boeuf Bistro
sur pain Paillard
Crème de raifort, Rôti de boeuf, Fromage bleu, Oignons caramélisés, Laitue frisée

1212 Paris Brest, Jesuite (Paillard)Jesuite
One of the popular items here, you have to come here earlier to buy it.
Paris Brest
Hazelnut cream

1212 Fleur d'orange, Brioche chocolat (Paillard)

Brioche chocolat
Fleur d’orange

1212 Fougasse aux lardons oignons chèvre, Brioche nature (Paillard)
Fougasse aux lardons oignons chèvre
They have quite a lot of bacon in this filling bread 🙂
Brioche nature

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Paillard on Urbanspoon

Paillard Café

1097, rue Saint-Jean
Québec, QC G1R 1S3
(418) 692-1221



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