Toronto Eats: Restaurant Han Sung Roo

Located inside the food court of H-Mart, Han Sung Roo has over 20 selections.  All menu items are displayed with pictures.  There are 2 stalls.  The one of the left takes order and the one on the right prepares for the food.  The food was alright, but the meal was cheap and portion was huge (they really stuff you up).

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $

Beef Rib Soup 갈비탕

Chop Suey, Beef, Mushroom, Vegetable with Rice 잡채불고기덮밥

Seafood pancake 해물파전

Lots of ingredients but the batter was undercooked.

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Restaurant Han Sung Roo on Urbanspoon
Restaurant Han Sung Roo

9737 Young St, #202 B&C Richmond Hill, ON L4C 8S7
(416) 886-1233


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