Chain Eats: Swiss Chalet

I think Swiss Chalet is a decent family restaurant.  You can’t go wrong with chicken, and it’s hard to mess it up.  However, I’m not that amazed by their signature swiss chalet chicken dip.  Price has increased quite a lot in the past years.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0711 Cheese Perogies (Swiss Chalet)Cheese Perogies
Cheese and potato filled dumplings server with Cajin sauce for dipping
Filling was good (how can you go wrong with cheese and potato?) but the bread was very doughy.

0711 Rotisserie Chicken & BBQ Ribs Combos (Swiss Chalet)Rotisserie Chicken & BBQ Ribs Combos
Our famous Rotisserie Chicken and grilled-to-order BBQ Ribs.  Served with creamy coleslaw, a white roll, and baked potato.
The ribs were a bit too dry.  The chicken was good (how can you mess up roast chicken?) but I also realize it was sitting in a puddle of oil 😯

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Swiss Chalet


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