Chain Eats: Laura Secord

Not the greatest chocolate on Earth but definitely better than the supermarket ones.  Quality remains to be good and consistent.  They make great gifts and I especially love their Canadian specialty products.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0711 French Crisp & Laura's Chocolate on sprinkle waffle cone (Laura Secord)Hand-made waffle cone with sprinkles
Top: French Crisp
Premium butter toffee flavoured ice cream with chopped almonds, English toffee pieces and dark chocolate chips
Bottom: Laura’s Chocolate
Laura Secord’s signature creamy chocolate ice cream
The ice cream was pretty good quality. I didn’t like the waffle-cone, it was very thick.  The sprinkles were stuck on the cone.  While it was fun to bite in it at first, later on it was just like eating a lot of sprinkles.  The part with the sprinkles on was also extraordinarily thick.

0711 Chocolate Clue Game (Laura Secord)Chocolate Clue Game

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Laura Secord


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