Chain Eats: Caribou Coffee

It’s an inviting coffeehouse full of colourful decorations and has a nice ambience.  They put up a daily trivia and you can win a prize if you’re the first to guess the right answer.  Menu selection is quite limited (both food and drinks).  There isn’t too many coffee selections (latte, cappucino, espresso, iced coffee. Period.)  Coffee is very bad here.  Food tasted very mass produced.  I wanted to like this place but their food quality turned me down.

My ratings:
Price range: $

White Peach Berry Smoothie
This was the only thing I tried that was good.  It was thick and filling, and not terribly oversweetened.

Chicken apple sausage daybreaker
Everything tasted mass produced.  The cheese tasted like processed cheese (and stuck on the wrap the same way McD’s cheeseburger was like).  Bread was alright but defintiely not bakery quality.  If you want a quick fast food breakfast then get this, or you can also walk to another nearby fast food chain store and it won’t make much of a difference.

Should have known they would just give me a paper cup.  The coffee was very bad tasting, and the milk foam got stuck to the side of the cup.  It tasted like soap sud.

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Caribou Coffee
Various locations.


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