Chain Eats: Phillips Seafood

This was based from my experience at Phillips Seafood Express.  It was horrible.  Food was more or less pre-made already, but it took over 50 minutes to get my order.  The line wasn’t even too long, but everyone had to wait a long time for their order.  Food was just cafeteria quality.  Overpriced and not even that great.  Avoid this place like the plaque!! You’re better off to go and sit in an actual restaurant than wait an hour in a so-called “express” line.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

Phillips Crab Pretzel
Baked soft pretzel topped with crab meat, three cheeses & seasoning
This was the culprit of the 50+ min wait.  It was frozen so I needed to wait until the staff *finally* have time to put it in the oven for 10 min (plus waiting time, packing time etc), and along with another customer’s crab pretzel order.  There’s nothing good about it.  It’s not even a real pretzel roll, just a normal dinner roll-like bread that’s very doughy (possibly underbaked?).  The cheese was very manufactured.  You can’t find the crab.

Maryland vegetable crab soup
Again you can’t find the crab.  I can only assume the tiny miniscule white shreds are the crab meat.  I’ve seen thicker shredded strings from imitation crab meat than this.

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Phillips Harborplace on Urbanspoon

Phillips Seafood


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