Chain Eats: Au Bon Pain

Wasn’t wowed by their pastries, and their store-made drinks were either oversteeped (the iced tea) or it was overly sweet (iced peach tea).  Really not very impressed with the food here but it often appears to be a welcoming choice when you just need a quick bite to go.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $

Strawberry and cheese croissant
The croissant was hard, wasn’t too flaky.  The cheese was watery and flavourless.  I don’t know what kind of cheese it is, it just made me feel like biting into uncooked soggy dough.  At least the strawberry tasted fresh.

Lobster Salad Sandwich
Over 1/4 pound of lobster and mayo in our new buttery croissant
Au Bon Pain originated from Boston so this lobster salad sandwich fit its origin (well it is also available in all stores that’s outside of Boston).  The roll was pretty full of the finely shredded/small chunks of lobster.  There’s a bit too much mayonnaise.  The filling wasn’t too bad in taste but the pastry was disappointing again — cold, somewhat soggy, and just wasn’t flaky.  If the pastry was in better quality this sandwich would taste a lot better.

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Au Bon Pain
Various locations.


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