Washington Eats: El Rinconcito Cafe

It’s a little intimidating at first when I walked in and everyone was speaking in Spanish.  It’s a wonderful little Salvadoran eatery and waitress was friendly and nice.  The food was delicious and portion size was reasonable (you’ll be stuffed).

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

Carne Deshilada con o sin Huevo
Shredded beef with egg, Salvadorean cheese, avocado, white rice and black beans.
The tortilla was hot and fresh (made from corn!!).  Everything was fresh and well cooked.  Nothing is too salty or oily.  The fresh cheese was very nice.  It was very firm and briny.  The rice was properly cooked and it was deliciously seasoned nicely (I’m not sure what they used, but reminded me of the Chinese tamale just with a different type of rice, so possibly lard or chicken stock).

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El Rinconcito Cafe on Urbanspoon

El Rinconcito Cafe

1129 11th Street Northwest,
Washington D.C., DC
20001-4354, USA

+1 202-789-4110


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