Baltimore Eats: Sofi’s Crepes

I went to the one on 333 N. Charles Street.  I wanted to try this because of the good ratings and Kevin Bacon, Nicole Kidman (and more) have been here 😛 It’s a cute little store, and you get to see the crêpe being made in front of you.  I don’t really like sweet crêpes but since I had a discount for receiving a free dessert crêpe, I decided to try one.  They’re not traditional French crêpes but overall it’s not a bad snacking place (more like a meal on its own).  They are available for franchising now according to their website.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $

The Kevin Bacon
Turkey, Bacon, Cheese, & Tomatoes with 1000 Island Sauce
Fresh and piping hot!  Lots of filling but the crêpe is rather self contained and it wasn’t messy to eat it.

Apple Crisp
Apples, Caramel & Cinnamon With Graham Cracker Crumbs
Ok this dessert crêpe definitely did not convert me into liking sweet crêpes.  It was so messy to eat.  Lots of spills and sticky goos everywhere.  I think it’s partly the fault of overstuffing the crêpe.

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Sofi's Crepes on Urbanspoon

Sofi’s Crepes

Various locations.


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