Baltimore Eats: Iggie’s Pizza

I’m surprised by the amount of reviews on the bad services.  My encounter with the staff was that they were friendly and helpful (including the pizza man).  As for the pizza, this is truly outstanding artisan thin-crust pizza.  It’s crispy but not drying like crackers, and still retained a flavourful fermented yeast taste.  The use of 00 flour attributed to it’s light crispiness.  All ingredients used were very fresh and good quality.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

Aglio e Vongole
Baby clams, garlic, Italian parsley, roasted garlic, mozzarella, lemon
Wish it was more garlicky.  All ingredients used were very fresh.
Onion confit, pancetta, ricotta, mozzarella
The red onion confit was out of the world!  It’s sweet and flavourful.  The cheese were fresh and the pancetta was very good quality!

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Iggie’s Pizza on Urbanspoon

Iggie’s Pizza

818 North Calvert Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202-3784, USA
+1 410-528-0818


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