Philadelphia Eats: Bassett’s Ice Cream

Sure it’s been opened since 1861, but their ice cream was so bad.  Now they do use real heavy cream, but the ice cream was grainy and felt powdery.  Save your money on something else.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $

Gadzooks! & English Toffee Crunch
Gadzooks: Bassetts decadent chocolate ice cream with pieces of Brownie Points peanut butter brownies, chocolate chunks and a rich caramel swirl.
There wasn’t really that much brownies/chocolate/toffee bits swirled in the ice cream.  They were barely there at all.  On the other hand I did bit into a few large piece of very dry cookie pieces (from the description they should be brownies, not cookies).

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Bassett's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Bassett’s Ice Cream
45 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-2954, USA
+1 215-925-4315


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