Philadelphia Eats: Elixr Coffee

I actually thought it was pretty hard to find the store.  Sure it’s located in a prime midtown location, but it just had this hard-to-notice black sign on the outside.  It’s just a little strip tucked between other major stores.  They serve very good quality coffee.  Price is steep but if you are looking for a real well brewed gourmet coffee, this is the place to be.  Store was very clean and modernly designed (you need to share benches with other customers).  The barista was very helpful, but I find this coffee place lacked that cosy friendly attitude that you can find in a local coffee shop.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

Kenya (Gichatha-Ini) dripped coffee
Description: Juicy nectarine, swiss chocolat, dark purple fruit
Top quality coffee beans.  The complexed favour still lingers after you finished the cup.

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Elixr Coffee on Urbanspoon

Elixr Coffee
207 S. 15th st, philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
+1 215-475-8221


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