Philadelphia Eats: Tommy DiNic’s

Probably one of the most iconic store in Reading Terminal market (it’s pretty much located in the centre of the market).  Line is very long here, but they are very fast and efficient so the waiting isn’t too bad.  Yes it does live up to its reputation.  Just amazing and good quality juicy sandwiches!  Even their greens are well cooked.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

Roast Pork sandwich
With provolone and brocolli rabe
The roll was good quality bread, but it did get soggy after a while with all the juice.  The sandwich was very juicy and tender.  The pork is dipped in roasting juice before being put in the sandwich.  The brocolli rabe was very well done.  It was sweet with hints of garlic, soft and not bitter.

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DiNic's Roast Pork and Beef on Urbanspoon

Tommy DiNic’s
1136 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 923-6175


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