Boston Eats: Sam La Grassa’s

Named “the world’s #1 sandwich”, I had pretty high hopes for the quality.  The price is a bit steep, but the sandwiches are huge.  Honestly I didn’t find the sandwiches that amazing.  It was ordinary and actually quite bad.  In fact it was one of the worst sandwiches I’ve eaten.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

Pastrami & Corned Beef Combo
Rumanian pastrami and “fresh from the pot” corned beef with swiss cheese, russian dressing and cole slaw served on light rye.
I didn’t find the deli meat that amazing.  It was tasteless.  The cole slaw wasn’t that great either (oversweet) and made it very messy to eat the sandwich.  Unfortunately for me this particular sandwich attracted a lot of flies when I was trying to eat in the park (namely the Boston Common).  Maybe I didn’t get the right sandwich but it was to the point of being rather inedible.

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Sam Lagrassa's on Urbanspoon

Sam La Grassa’s
44 Province Street, Boston, MA 02108-5120, USA
+1 617-357-6861


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