Boston Eats: The Danish Pastry House

To be fair I didn’t buy from the actual store locations in Medford or Watertown.  They have a stall at the Copley Square Farmer’s market and that’s where I bought the pastries.  I was quite disappointed with their products.  They were soggy (and quite disgusting to eat in this condition).  At least the Kringle did taste good, but it wasn’t very flakey so it wasn’t a very good pastry.  Maybe it was a bad batch but I really don’t think it was worth the hype.

My ratings:
Price range: $

Berries and Cream Tart
Soggy soggy yucky.  Waste of such good ingredients.

Signature Almond Kringle Slice
Flaky pastry with marzipan
Unfortunately it lacked a buttery flakiness.  The marzipan was good.

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Danish Pastry House on Urbanspoon

The Danish Pastry House


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