Boston Eats: Pizza Pie-er

Pizza Pie-er is a self-served shop.  It’s not fancy restaurant (they do have interesting décor), but I’m glad to find a place that doesn’t make greasy American pizza.  Their pizza is good and they also incoporated many healthy choices on the menu.  I’m pleasantly surprised that their multi-grain crust was a good piece of thin bread, not some dried out hard cracker.  Topping is also fresh and good.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

Gourmet shrimp & broccoli. Our signature cheese blend & Alfredo sauce on multi-grain crust.
Shrimp and brocoli was quite fresh but on the salty side.  The cheese was creamy and there was the right amount of sauce so nothing was dripping when you eat it.  The crust was good and supported all the toppings.

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Pizza Pie-Er on Urbanspoon

Pizza Pie-er
182 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-3011, USA
+1 617-450-0009 ‎


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