Boston Eats: Woody’s Grill & Tap

Amazing wood fired pizza with a good thin crust made from a good dough and wasn’t crackery.  It could get too burnt sometimes so it depends on your luck.  They were very heavy handed on the cheese, if you happened to watch the pizza making process you’d realize they piled up a huge mountain of cheese before putting in the brick oven.  It’s amazing how it all melted and stayed within the boundaries of the pizza crust, and the pizza wasn’t greasy at all despite the amount of cheese being piled up.  Their toppings were good and fresh (some items such as sausages were made in-house).

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

White Clam (Woody’s)
White pizza with mozzarella, romano, littleneck clams, bacon & oregano
Very flavourful pizza in each bite.

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Woody's Grill & Tap on Urbanspoon

Woody’s Grill & Tap
58 Hemenway Street, Boston, MA 02115-2910, USA
+1 617-375-9663


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