Boston Eats: Toscanini’s Ice Cream

✣ Top pick ✣

Ice cream is very creamy and well churned.  Besides the old school flavours they also have a lot of other creative flavours.  Burnt caramel, goat cheese brownie, ginger snap molasses, earl grey and more (check the chalk board).

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

Khulfee (cardamom, chopped almonds & pistachios)
Slow churned ice cream blended very well with the chopped cardamon and nuts.  It’s not too overpowering but it’s definitely very cardamom-y.

I don’t know how to describe this because saffron is such an expensive spice I hardly use it in cooking.  It’s a very subtle but yes you can definitely feel the burst of saffron in each creamy bite.  And yes you can actually find strips of saffron in the ice cream.  I really really liked this one.

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Toscanini's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Toscanini’s Ice Cream
899 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139-3512, USA
+1 617-491-5877


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