Waterloo Eats: St George Banquet Hall

We came here for a banquet.  Decor’s were nice and thoughtful, but the food served was really terrible.
My ratings:
Price range: $$$-$$$$

Cream of mushroom soup
Very salty.

Spinach salad with raspberry dressing
The tangerine was canned.  The raspberry dressing tasted like it was from a bottle.  I think the blueberry was here for decoration because we only had 1 or 2 blueberries in every plate.

Chicken Kiev
It tasted okay, but it’s not very well made as you can see all the stuffing was oozing out.

Roast beef with yorkshire pudding
The yorkshire pudding was disgusting.  It wasn’t flaky and tasted like it was leftover from a few days ago.  The beef was fine but there were many fatty parts.

Ice cream crepe
The fruits weren’t very fresh.  The crepe was very very dry.  The ice cream was frozen solid (you can see vanilla beans in the ice cream, which was the only nice thing about this dessert).

St George Banquet Hall
665 King St. North, Waterloo ON. N2J 4G8


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