NYC Eats: The Trie Café

@ The Cloisters Museum
Environment is definitely nice because you’re eating right in the centre of the Trie Cloister and the Medieval garden.  However it’s just overpriced mediocre food to rip off from museum visitors.

My ratings:
Price range: $

Black Forest Ham, Gruyère Cheese, Dijon Mustard
Meal deal with chips and soda.

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The Trie Café
Fort Tryon Park, 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, New York, NY 10040, USA

NYC Eats: Roxy Delicatessen

You won’t miss this place.  It’s right at the centre of Times Square with flashy lights on the outside.  Some food are ok, but most of them are mediocre and insanely overpriced (equivalent to daylight robbery in tourist area).  I only ended up here being caught up in a terrible bad weather condition and deserately needed a place to stay indoor.  Unless for extreme weather conditions, avoid this place.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$$

Chocolate Croissant

Matzoh Ball Soup
The matzoh ball was fluffy, but it’s still much overpriced for a small bowl of soup.
Potato Latkes
Burnt and too crusty on the exterior.  Very expensive for such poorly made potato pancakes, and overpriced for such easy and simple recipe.
Pastrami sandwich
The pastrami was not right.  It tasted more like a hybrid of roast beef and corned beef, but on a very dry side.

Roxy Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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Roxy Delicatessen
1565 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA
+1 212-921-3333

NYC Eats: New York Pizza Suprema

It’s called one of the best street pizzas.  It was cheap at least, but I didn’t like it.  The pizza was sitting in a puddle of grease, it was too salty, and the crust was very crunchy (but I couldn’t taste the flavour of the bread).  I do have to say it wasn’t sloppy and all the toppings held in place.

My ratings:
Price range: $

Round Cheese Pizza
Our famous signature pie! Light thin crust topped with our famous house tomato sauce, the finest Grande Mozzarella and Romano cheeses
Bottom was too charred.
Gino’s Italian Ice (Rainbow)
It wasn’t too badly made (in terms of texture) but the parts that weren’t flavoured (I assume the machine didn’t mix it properly) tasted like chlorinated water.

NY Pizza Suprema on Urbanspoon

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New York Pizza Suprema
413 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA
+1 212-594-8939

NYC Eats: Little Brown Chocolate Bakery & Coffee Shop

Coffee is terrible here.  I expect more from a coffee shop that focuses on chocolate and coffee.  I do like how they have many healthy options and they support small local businesses.  However price is steep here and I found my order to be very average.

My ratings:
Price range: $

Iced dark brown roast

Nutella Rice Krispie Treat
Sticky and not crunchy.  It also didn’t taste very much like nutella.  Actually reminded me of chocolate-flavoured cereal bars.  Also it wasn’t mixed thoroughly.  There were parts that were too salty.

1. It’s served in a paper cup.
2. The crema barely lasted for 20 seconds.
3. The brown liquid underneath was bad.

Little Brown Chocolate Bakery & Coffee on Urbanspoon

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Little Brown Chocolate Bakery & Coffee Shop
1269 Lexington Ave, Manhattan, NY 10028
(212) 828-2233

NYC Eats: Jin Jja Roo진짜루

It’s a Korean-Chinese food stall.  Food is quite bad.  They claim they don’t have msg but you quench for thirst for hours after eating here.  The side dish was just a sweet pickled yellow radish.  Everything reminded me of food straight out of a packet.

My ratings:
Price range: $

Jja Jang Myon & Jjam Ppong
자장면 Jja Jang Myon
Noodles served with onion, pork in black bean sauce
짬뽕 Jjam Ppong
Noodles served with seafood and vegetables in spicy broth
It probably took a mere 2 minutes for the order to be ready.  Jja Jang Myon was ok, but the Jjam Ppong was very watery and bland.  Almost felt like eating instant noodles with way too much water added.  It wasn’t even that spicy.  The given seafood are severely chopped up or just very small in size to begin with.

Food Gallery 32 on Urbanspoon

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진짜루Jin Jja Roo
11 W 32nd St, Manhattan, NY 10001

NYC Eats: J.G. Melon

Overhyped, their burger is definitely not the best burger that ever existed.  The patty was fresh and juicy, but that’s all about it for the small burger that I paid a premium price for.  The bun was disgusting.  It tasted like a bun bought from the supermarket, and it turned soggy even before you finish the burger.  Their cottage fries on the other hand were excellent.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

The bun was cold and turned soggy very quickly.  The cheese didn’t even melt properly.  It’s just not worth the price (nor the hype).  You can probably do better than this at home.

Cottage fried fries
Now these ones are amazing.  They are like little crispy potato pillows that’s crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside.  Also they aren’t greasy.

J.G. Melon on Urbanspoon

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J.G. Melon
1291 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021, USA
(212) 650-1310

NYC Eats: Carnegie Delicatessen

You may think with all the celebrity photos hung on the wall and a whole video with David Letterman might mean this is a good deli.  It’s just another tourist trap.  Food was bad and overpriced.  Their “world-famous” cheesecake looked burnt and overcooked on the outside to me.  The server’s attitude wasn’t aggressive, but they didn’t even smile.  You just don’t feel at ease whenever they pass by.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$$

Pastrami omelette
With bagel and served with home fries
The fries were awful.  They were soggy and dry.  I saw another table returning all the home fries back to the kitchen.  The omlette was sitting in a puddle of grease.  The pastrami wasn’t too remarkable (quite dried out), I’ve had better ones in other deli (at least it’s better than the so called pastrami at Roxy).

Carnegie Deli on Urbanspoon

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Carnegie Delicatessen
854 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019-5216, USA
+1 212-757-3012

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