NYC Eats: Roxy Delicatessen

You won’t miss this place.  It’s right at the centre of Times Square with flashy lights on the outside.  Some food are ok, but most of them are mediocre and insanely overpriced (equivalent to daylight robbery in tourist area).  I only ended up here being caught up in a terrible bad weather condition and deserately needed a place to stay indoor.  Unless for extreme weather conditions, avoid this place.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$$

Chocolate Croissant

Matzoh Ball Soup
The matzoh ball was fluffy, but it’s still much overpriced for a small bowl of soup.
Potato Latkes
Burnt and too crusty on the exterior.  Very expensive for such poorly made potato pancakes, and overpriced for such easy and simple recipe.
Pastrami sandwich
The pastrami was not right.  It tasted more like a hybrid of roast beef and corned beef, but on a very dry side.

Roxy Delicatessen on Urbanspoon

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Roxy Delicatessen
1565 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA
+1 212-921-3333


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