NYC Eats: Noodle 32 누들

Specializes in noodles dishes, but almost half of the menu is ramen (that looks like instant noodles).  Large portions and their banchan are very well made.  I tend to find the cooked dough (whether it’s su je bi or noodles) always stuck together, makes me think they don’t really overlook the cooking process.  I do think there’s a lot of MSG in the entrees.

My ratings:
Price range: $

해물 수제비 Seafood Su Je Bi
Wheat-flour dough boiled in soup with seafood and vegetables
Good fresh chewy hand-torn noodle, although they did clump together.  Broth was quite flavourful.

애운해물 폭탄국수Pepper Bomb Seafood Noodles
Very very spicy noodles with seafood
The staff was quite sweet.  She warned me it’s very very spicy when I placed the order.  I had quite high expectation for this because I thought they actually have a decent amount of spice in their dishes.  It was quite nice of them to give me a bowl of cold (homemade) soy milk as the side dish.  Unfortunately it was a big disappointment.  The noodles were clumped together, and the whole bowl is just essentially chili oil, and was hardly spicy at all.  There’s also a lot of clams (shells on), with just a few chopped up pieces of squid, and one little miserable shrimp.

Food Gallery 32 on Urbanspoon

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Noodle 32 누들
11 W 32nd St, Manhattan, NY 10001


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