Kingston Eats: Ali Baba Kabab

Food is well prepared and well-seasoned.  Large portions at a reasonable price.  I do prefer the dipping sauce to be served on the side than mixed with the food.  By the way the Arabic black tea is complimentary.  The waitress’s service hasn’t been very great every time I visit.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0212 Lentil soup, Green salad (Ali Baba)Lentil soup
Green salad
The soup was seasoned with cumin.

0212 Falafel 1 (Ali Baba) 0212 Falafel 2 (Ali Baba)Falafel
Made with chickpeas, parsley and spices
Well spiced and not too dry.

0212 Garlic Potatoes (Ali Baba)Garlic Potatoes
Spicy fried garlic potatoes with garlic dip

0412 Dolma (Ali Baba)Dolma
Grape vine leaves stuffed with rice

0412 Spinach Pie (Ali Baba)Spinach Pie
Not too fond of this one.  Just mashed spinach stuffed inside a dough.

0212 Kabab Koobideh (Ali Baba)Kabab Koobideh
Two skewers of marinated ground beef
It was very moist and well-seasoned.

0212 Ali Baba Chicken (Ali Baba)Ali Baba Chicken
One skewer of boneless chicken breast seasoned with saffron and spices
It was very moist and well-seasoned.

0412 Sultani (Ali baba)Sultani
One skewer of Ali baba chicken (boneless chicken breast seasoned with saffron and spices) and one skewer of Kabab Koobideh (marinated ground beef)

0412 Kabab (Ali baba)Kabab

0412 Baghali Polo (Ali baba)Baghali Polo
Lamb shank cooked with tomato sauce, served with dill and fava bean rice
Fall of the bones and is very moist.

0412 Shawarma Mix (Ali baba)Shawarma Mix
Shawarma chicken & beef, served with rice and pita

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Ali Baba Kabab on Urbanspoon

Ali Baba kabab
320 Princess Street, Kingston, ON, Canada
+1 613-531-9999 ‎


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