NYC Eats: Teariffic Cafe 茶之谷

It’s ok, can’t really find fault with this place.  You come in for refreshing tea drinks and maybe eat something from the snack menu.  Price is reasonable and there’s really not much to expect from here.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

0811 芝麻沙冰 (Teariffic)芝麻沙冰
A huge cup of shaved ice.

0811 鰻魚飯 (Teariffic)鰻魚飯
It’s alright.  Eel was rather boney but I’m sure it’s just from an air-tight package.  Either it’s the manufacter’s fault or they chose to buy a crappy one.

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Teariffic on Urbanspoon

Teariffic Cafe 茶之谷
51 Mott St # A, New York, NY 10013-5044, USA
+1 212-393-9009


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