Kingston Eats: Phnom-Penh Restaurant

My housemate raved about this place a lot.  It’s very big so a large group can be accommodated.  Food is so-so.  It’s a bit like home cooked food but not up to restaurant standards.  Food delivers fast.  It took 10 minutes for my order (so it’s all pre-cooked waiting to be reheated?).  This place is passable.  There are much better Cambodian/Thai restaurants in Kingston.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0511 Fish Cake (Phnom Penh)Fish Cake
Deep fried mixed white fish & vegetable
The fish cake was actually nicely flavoured.  It was fresh and tender with a hint of sweetness.  It also wasn’t over pan-fried.  The pickled vegetables on the other hand were quite disgusting.

0511 Cambodian Style (Phnom Penh)Cambodian Style
Chicken, Tomato, Dry Pepper, Magrood, Lemon Grass, Shallots, Coriander
Look at how big the tomato and chicken pieces were!  It’s very runny too.  The flavour was all right.  The chicken was juicy and tender.  It can be accepted as home cooked food but probably won’t pass as a restaurant dish.  Funny that this was one of the dishes that you cannot ask to be less spicy.  I can only assume it was one of the spicier dishes in the restaurant.  Sadly it wasn’t true.  Let me just say it’s white washed spiciness.  The heat was barely there.

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Phnom-Penh Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Phnom-Penh Restaurant
355 King Street East
Kingston, ON
(613) 545-2607


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