Kingston Eats: Royal Angkor Restaurant

Royal Angkor delivers very good quality food at a cheaper price as compared to other Cambodian/Thai curry places in Kingston.  Portion size are large (enough to make two or three meals) at a very economical price.  It isn’t located at the heart of downtown but it is still located close to the campus/ghetto area.  This is the only restaurant so far that offers a good amount of spiciness in their food (gotta love those green chilli peppers).  Everything is made from scratch, so be prepared for a long waiting period.  The restaurant is also quite small, so plan ahead if you are coming in groups.  I personally believe they serve faster for people ordering take-out.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

1211 Special 1 (Royal Angkor)Special #1 (Spicy)
Thai Green Curry, Chicken, Long Eggplant, Bamboo Shoots, Basil, Coconut Milk with Rice

0211 Special 2 (Royal Angkor)Special #2
Stir Fried Beef, Green, Red and Yellow Pepper, Onion, Green Chili with Rice

0211 Special 3 (Royal Angkor)Special #3 (Spicy)
Red Curry Beef, Bamboo Shoots, Red Hot Peppers, Coconut Milk with Rice

0211 Phanaeng Kai  (Royal Angkor)Phanaeng Kai
Chicken curry, Basil, Peanut, Coconut with Rice

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Royal Angkor Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Royal Angkor Restaurant
523 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 544-9268


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