Kingston Eats: Mango Thai & Pan-Asian Cuisine

Operated by Chinese owners and located in prime downtown location.  Mango is pretty terrible.  It’s not the cheapest Thai restaurant around and their food is really bad.  My housemates do like to order a lot from here.  If you can’t take spice, you’re in luck because nothing is spicy here.  Food is bland and watered-down.  Allow me to say this is white-washed Thai food.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0411 Malaysian curry, with chicken (Mango)Malaysian curry, with chicken
A rich Malaysian curry with bamboo shoots, squash, carrots, green beans, broccoli and coconut milk.
It’s not rich.  It’s very watered-down.  The waitress said this is a medium hot curry but even my cousin who cannot stand any spicy food said it’s not spicy.  Bamboo shoots were cut very large.  There really not a lot of ingredients in it despite the look.

0411 House pad thai (Mango)House pad thai
Stir-fried rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, tofu, vegetables with tamarind sauce and roasted peanuts.
I will rename this ketchup stir-fried rice noodles.

0411 Fried bananna with honey (Mango)Fried banana with honey
Way too much batter.  Looked like a flower shape more than slim rod shapes.  It’s alright when fresh.

0411 Mango with coconut sticky rice (Mango)Mango with coconut sticky rice
It just isn’t right.  It tastes alright but this is just not how Mango sticky rice looks like (and the way it’s made).

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Mango Thai & Pan-Asian Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Mango Thai & Pan-Asian Cuisine
161 Princess Street Kingston, ON
(613) 549-3815


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