Kingston Eats: Đồng Nai Restaurant

I used to come here with my aunt and mom in first year.  It was the first Vietnamese restaurant we found in Kingston. The décor was nice, it has a nice atmosphere overall.  Food was adequate.  I’ve had better Vietnamese food elsewhere in Kingston.  The reason I give Đồng Nai such a bad rating was one time when we came here, we paid by credit, and they mischarged us for almost double of what we were suppose to pay.  This was caught when the bills were checked near the end of the month and we called the card company.  Đồng Nai was blacklisted ever since then.  Word of warning: if you do come here, pay in cash.

My ratings:
Price range: $

0711 Thit nuong cuon heo & Café sua dac (Đồng Nai)Thit nuong cuon heo
Roast pork (3 rolls): grilled pork, lettuce and rice noodles rolled in rice paper.  Served with fish sauce.
The rice wrap was overly chewy.
Café sua dac
Vietnamese Coffee (Hot or cold coffee with condensed milk)
The Vietnamese coffee was not well prepared (lacked of a distinctive condensed milk taste, or maybe it wasn’t strong enough. Actually I noticed there were a lot more liquid than the usual Vietnamese coffee I get)

0711 Pho dac biet (Đồng Nai)Pho dac biet
Rare sliced beef sirloin, brisket, beef ball and tripe in rice noodle soup.
Flavourless broth.  The ingredient are skimpy (besides noodles), and not of the best quality (eg the half beef ball that I got was full of fatty parts).

0411 Chả giò 1 (Đồng Nai) 0411 Chả giò 2 (Đồng Nai)Chả giò
Vietnamese spring roll (3 rolls): fried roll of ground pork, carrots, onion, black mushrooms and thread vermicelli in rice paper.  Served with fish sauce.
Not quite what I expected.  It seemed to be over fried and tasted a bit stale.  Nothing like the chả giò I had in Vietnam.

0411 Bún chả giò thịt nướng (Đồng Nai)Bún chả giò thịt nướng
Spring roll and grilled pork with rice vermicelli noodle.
I had better bún in other Kingston Vietnamese restaurant.  The chả giò does not have the same filing as the chả giò in the appetizer menu.  Pork was good and fresh.

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Dong Nai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Đồng Nai Restaurant

575 Princess Street Kingston, ON
K7L 1E1
(613) 544-7729


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