NYC Eats: Zeytuna Market

I like this grocery/bakery/deli place. It’s huge with a wide variety of food to offer.  There’s also a large selection of cooked food at the food court section.  Food is good and price is very affordable at this part of Manhattan.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0811 Lamb adana kebab (Zeytuna)Lamb adana kebab
with orzo rice and salad

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Zeytuna on Urbanspoon

Zeytuna Market
59 Maiden Lane,
New York, NY 10038


NYC Eats: New Wing Wah Bakery 大榮華餅家

We only tried the pastries, and they are very well made.  There’s limited seating in the little bakery too.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

1210 Apple Pie & Cornet (大榮華)Apple Pie & Cornet
Light and flaky.

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New Wing Wah Bakery 大榮華餅家
246 Grand St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 941-1924

NYC Eats: New Hon Wong Restaurant 新恆旺大飯店

Excellent Cantonese food at a decent price.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

1210 三寶飯 (新恆旺)三寶飯

1210 咖喱牛腩飯 (新恆旺)咖喱牛腩飯

1210 清炒菜心 (新恆旺)清炒菜心

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Hon Wong Restaurant on Urbanspoon

New Hon Wong Restaurant 新恆旺大飯店
244 Canal St
Manhattan, New York NY 10013

Kingston Eats: Mekong Restaurant

I came here a lot in my undergrad years when I have family visits.  It’s a very big place with lots of seating available.  Serving sizes were quite generous.  I’ve tried a variety of entrees on the menu.  The menu was pretty extensive.  It’s good Vietnamese food and the price was cheap (price had increased these few years year, but it’s still one of the inexpensive places to eat).  Also there was a huge parking area at the nearby Metro so it was easy for us to park.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $

0812 Gỏi Cuốn (Mekong)Gỏi Cuốn
Vegetables and noodle wrapped in rice paper with shrimp or chicken

0711 Cơm gà tôm nướng & Cafe sữa đá (Mekong)Cơm gà tôm nướng
Grilled shrimp and chicken skewers on steamed rice
Rice was leftover rice 😦 Everything else was well seasoned.  Meat was juicy and tender.
Cafe sữa đá
Special cold filered coffee espresso with condensed milk
I do wish they can serve with the whole filter.

0512 Phố đặc biệt (Mekong)Phố đặc biệt
Special rice noodle soup with beef, beef ball, brisket and tripe

0812 Bún Thịt Nướng, Chả Giò (Mekong)Bún Thịt Nướng, Chả Giò
Vermicelli with vegetables, spring rolls, grilled pork and peanut on top

0711 Cơm Sườn Nướng Ốpla (Mekong)Cơm Sườn Nướng Ốpla
Grilled pork chop and omelet on steamed rice.
Pork chop was nicely seasoned and it was very tender.

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Mekong on Urbanspoon

Mekong Restaurant

394 Princess St, Kingston, ON
K7L 5N3, Canada
613-549-5902 ‎

Kingston Eats: Saigon Delights

The only entrée that is worth trying is the chả giò.  The rest was very mediocre and tasteless.  I visited the Division St store which is loacated inside a house.  The restaurant is clean but I don’t like how the washroom door and the kitchen door were both wide open.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0411 Chả giò (Saigon Delights)Chả giò
Our famous deep-fried spring rolls, which are made from scratch daily, are filled with delicious minced pork and shrimp mixture, wrapped in rice paper and served with Nuoc Mam.

0512 Phố (Saigon Delights)Phố
A traditional beef noodle soup.  Vietnamese rice noodles layered with medium-well beff in our homemade broth.  Garnished with white onions, green onions and cilantro, garlic oil, lemon and served with hoisin sauce and Sriracha.
One of the most disgusting phố I’ve had.  The soup was flavourless and the beef cuts were very tough.

0411 Bún chả giò thịt nướng, with shrimp (Saigon Delights)

Bún chả giò thịt nướng, with shrimp
This dish is a signature dish of Vietnamese cooking and the handsdown favourite at Saigon Delights.  Vietnamese rice noodles, spring rolls and your choice of grilled meat, topped with fresh greens and roasted peanuts.  Served with nuoc mam to flavour.
Chả giò was freshly made.  It had a nice crunch and the fillings were moist and flavourful.  There’s also quite a bit of filling in it.  Noodle was not overcooked, it was not dry or too soggy.  I know a lot of people recommend this dish, and I can see why.  Definitely not overrated.

0411 Bánh xèo (Saigon Delights)Bánh xèo
Vietnamese-style crêpes made from a blend of rice flour, coconut milk and yellow curry, filled with minced chicken, shrimp and sprouts, topped with fresh greens and served with nuoc mam to flavour.
It’s a very nice bánh xèo.  It’s crispy on the outside but soft in the inside.  Filling was also very moist and tasty.  It’s also not too greasy.

0411 Cốm xào mạng cari (Saigon Delights)Cốm xào mạng cari
A tasty dish of beef, peppers and bamboo shoots, done in red curry and served over a bed of rice (Spicy)

0411Cơm thịt xào xa (Saigon Delights)Cơm thịt xào xa
A deliciously spicy stir-fry of beef, with lemon grass and peanuts and served over a bed of rice.

0411 Iced Coffee (Saigon Delights)Iced Coffee
It’s a pleasant discovery that they serve it the coffee in the traditional drip style.  A long time ago I ordered iced coffee and Mekong (which I expected to be served in a drip style) but it just came out as a plain cup of coffee with condensed milk already stirred in.

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Saigon Delights on Urbanspoon

Saigon Delights

217 Division Street, Kingston ON
K7K 3Z2
(613) 536-5460 ‎

Kingston Eats: Golden Viet Thai Restaurant

Golden Viet Thai is run by Chinese owners (nothing is wrong with that).  The place was nicely decorated like small Chinese restaurants, but it also had this nasty greasy restaurant smell (well kitchen door is never closed).  Food was pretty crap, it was very greasy and bland.  At least it was fresh ingredients, and my crêpe was made from scratch.  Service was nice too, but I really won’t recommend this place.  Also I need to mention they gave me a very flimsy plastic bag – it has nothing to do with food but I don’t think that’s a very nice thing either.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0411 Bánh xèo (Golden Viet Thai)Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crêpes)
Crêpes filled with chicken breast, shrimp, and bean sprouts served with lettuce, cucumber, carrots and chopped roasted peanuts.
Quite greasy, doesn’t have that much meat, at least the vegetables were cooked thoroughly.  The coconut taste also seemed to overpower the crêpe, this is not how bánh xèo is properly made.

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Golden Viet Thai on Urbanspoon

Golden Viet Thai Restaurant

206 Wellington Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 542-4258

Kingston Eats: Đồng Nai Restaurant

I used to come here with my aunt and mom in first year.  It was the first Vietnamese restaurant we found in Kingston. The décor was nice, it has a nice atmosphere overall.  Food was adequate.  I’ve had better Vietnamese food elsewhere in Kingston.  The reason I give Đồng Nai such a bad rating was one time when we came here, we paid by credit, and they mischarged us for almost double of what we were suppose to pay.  This was caught when the bills were checked near the end of the month and we called the card company.  Đồng Nai was blacklisted ever since then.  Word of warning: if you do come here, pay in cash.

My ratings:
Price range: $

0711 Thit nuong cuon heo & Café sua dac (Đồng Nai)Thit nuong cuon heo
Roast pork (3 rolls): grilled pork, lettuce and rice noodles rolled in rice paper.  Served with fish sauce.
The rice wrap was overly chewy.
Café sua dac
Vietnamese Coffee (Hot or cold coffee with condensed milk)
The Vietnamese coffee was not well prepared (lacked of a distinctive condensed milk taste, or maybe it wasn’t strong enough. Actually I noticed there were a lot more liquid than the usual Vietnamese coffee I get)

0711 Pho dac biet (Đồng Nai)Pho dac biet
Rare sliced beef sirloin, brisket, beef ball and tripe in rice noodle soup.
Flavourless broth.  The ingredient are skimpy (besides noodles), and not of the best quality (eg the half beef ball that I got was full of fatty parts).

0411 Chả giò 1 (Đồng Nai) 0411 Chả giò 2 (Đồng Nai)Chả giò
Vietnamese spring roll (3 rolls): fried roll of ground pork, carrots, onion, black mushrooms and thread vermicelli in rice paper.  Served with fish sauce.
Not quite what I expected.  It seemed to be over fried and tasted a bit stale.  Nothing like the chả giò I had in Vietnam.

0411 Bún chả giò thịt nướng (Đồng Nai)Bún chả giò thịt nướng
Spring roll and grilled pork with rice vermicelli noodle.
I had better bún in other Kingston Vietnamese restaurant.  The chả giò does not have the same filing as the chả giò in the appetizer menu.  Pork was good and fresh.

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Dong Nai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Đồng Nai Restaurant

575 Princess Street Kingston, ON
K7L 1E1
(613) 544-7729

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