Kingston Eats: 丸 MARU Japanese Ramen & Izakaya Bar

There are three levels in the shop.  The bottom level is a Karaoke bar, the main level is the restaurant section, and the upper level is an Izakaya bar serving alcohol, appetizers and Korean bar snacks (안주-Korean Bar snacks).  While the food here was alright (it’s better than some other crappy Oriental restaurants in Kingston), it wasn’t authentic at all.  This is not real ramen; real ramen isn’t just boiled noodles in a served in some kind of broth.  Well-known ramen shops spend hours to make their ramen stock.  At least one good thing is that you’re not thirsty after eating here.  Overall the food was ok, but it’s not good enough to serve in a restaurant.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0312 Takoyaki (Maru)

Japanese octopus dumpling balls
Quite well made.  In general their appetizers are very good. Look at the dancing bonito flakes 😆

0212 Agedashi Tofu (丸 MARU)

Agedashi Tofu
Deep-fried tofu with sweet soy sauce
Tofu was fresh and it wasn’t very greasy

0212 Chicken Karaage (丸 MARU)Chicken Karaage
Crispy marinated boneless chicken bites
Basically just sweet and sour chicken bites.

0212 Hot Netsu Ramen (丸 MARU)Hot Netsu Ramen
Spicy ramen with pork slices, ground pork, Oden (fish cake), mixed seafood and assorted vegetables

0212 Tonkotsu Ramen (丸 MARU)Tonkotsu Ramen
Simple salt broth with pork slices and assorted vegetables

0312 Karasaki Ramen (Maru)Karasaki Ramen
Spicy ramen w/ pork slices, seafood and vegetables
Wasn’t spicy and they were skimpy on the ingredients.  I had quite a few mini shrimps.

0312 Miso Ramen (Maru)Miso Ramen
Miso (Japanese soy-bean paste) broth
Lots of bean sprouts….

0212 Yaki Ramen (丸 MARU)Yaki Ramen
Stir fried ramen with chicken and vegatables
Very greasy.  The noodle was literally sitting in a pool of oil.

0212 Omurice and Tonkatsu (丸 MARU)Omurice and Tonkatsu
Omelet rice served with pork cutlet and salad
The Tonkatsu was well made.  The coating was quite thin and it wasn’t greasy.  While the omurice wasn’t bad, it didn’t have ketchup in the mushroom rice.  The size was closer to a gigantic dumpling, and was awfully small for the price.  I think this meal was a rip-off.

0212 김치빈대떡  Kimchi pancake (丸 MARU)김치빈대떡  Kimchi pancake
Kimchi wasn’t fermented enough.

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Maru on Urbanspoon

丸 MARU Japanese Ramen & Izakaya Bar

354 King Street East
Kingston ON K7L 3B6
(613) 544 – MARU (6278)


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