Kingston Eats: Kame Sushi & Izakaya

This new restaurant opened in spring of 2011.  There are two levels, the bottom level is the restaurant and the top level is the Izakaya bar.  I’m didn’t have much high expectations for the food here, but the bento box I tried was quite good.  Ingredients were very fresh and even side ingredients (eg spring roll, California roll, croquette – food that I didn’t care much for) were prepared very well.

P.S. I read from some online reviews that Kame is run by Japanese.  I assure you it is run by Koreans.  I also don’t think this piece of information has anything to do with the quality of the restaurant’s food and service 😀

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0212 Unagi Bento (Kame)Unagi Bento
Barbeque Eel with teriyaki sauce served over a bed of rice

0212 Bulgogi Bento (Kame)Bulgogi Bento
Thin sliced beef marinated in sweet soy sauce served on a bed of rice
Didn’t skimp on the beef and it was also very well marinated.  It’s served in a shallow wooden barrel, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of food served in it.

Kame Bento is served with:
1 Potato croquette, 1 piece of spring roll, glass noodle, seaweed salad, 2 pieces of California roll, shrimp sushi, pickled ginger and radish, sautéed potato & carrot, green salad and miso soup

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Kame Sushi & Izakaya on Urbanspoon

Kame Sushi & Izakaya
156 Division Street, Kingston, ON, Canada
+1 613-546-6399 ‎


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