Kingston Eats: Sima Sushi

It’s a small restaurant near the lakeside of downtown Kingston.  It opened in summer of 2009 I remember.  I don’t like Tempura very much but they do have one of the best sweet potato tempura I’ve tried.  They serve very good and fresh food and are one of the best Japanese restaurants offered in Kingston.  Keep in mind I am giving them very good compliments  — I don’t like (actually, hate) Japanese food but I usually end up going to Japanese restaurants because of friends.  Usually Japanese restaurants here also offer Korea food (because 9.9 out of 10 they are operated by Koreans).  Sima doesn’t offer any Korean food at all and they really give all their attention to serve top quality food.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0211 Yam Tempura (Sima)Yam Tempura
Crispy outside with the right amount of panko, sweet and pillowy on the inside

0412 Salmon Sushi Pizza (Sima)Salmon Sushi Pizza

0411 Sashimi Dinner Deluxe (Sima)Sashimi Dinner Deluxe
Assorted raw fish, served with rice            

0412 Dinner Special (Sima)Dinner Special

1210 Love Love Salmon Roll (Sima)Love Love Salmon Roll
Spicy salmon roll wrapped in torched salmon

0211 Crispy Crunch & Double Torched Spicy Roll (Sima)Crispy Crunch
Shrimp tempura & crabmeat & avocado & cucumber roll topped with spicy salmon
Double Torched Spicy Roll
Roll topped with torched salmon & scallop

0411 Fire Cracker Roll & Pink Flower Roll (Sima)Fire Cracker Roll
Spicy tuna & cucumber roll wrapped in tuna and crab meat
Pink Flower Roll
Yam, asparagus, avocado & cucumber in pink soy paper

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Sima Sushi on Urbanspoon

Sima Sushi

66 Princess Street Kingston, ON K7L 1A5
(613) 542-8040


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