Kingston Eats: Niji Sushi

Niji first opened in October, 2010.  It had very nice interior décor, and they also have a fridge selling fresh Korea appetizers and another cabinet with Oriental snacks.  I appreciated the fact that they have very extensive menus in both Japanese and Korean food.   It was a nice place to hang out with friends when they first opened (not to mention it was a prime location in the student area too).   There were quite a few problems when they just opened – there were no take-out menus and it was hard to find any information about them on Google (for phone, address etc).  My housemates would definitely appreciate if they had that information online.  Finally it wasn’t until April that they finally have take-out menus available (it’s a very high quality paper with coloured photos).

As for the food, it was pretty good when it first opened.  Arisu still topped as #1 for Korean food, but Niji wasn’t too bad.  They were pricier than other similar restaurants.  However after several visits throughout the year, I noticed their quality have totally gone downhill, to the point that I would not want to return again.  J said it’s not as good quality as Sima for the Japanese food.  She mentioned the fish were very thinly sliced here (i.e. rip off with good knife skills 🙄 )  Korean food wasn’t as good as Arisu’s food but it was still a solid good Korean meal.  However even the Korean food was not as good as when they first opened.  They even stopped giving me my side dishes now.

We really liked this place when it opened, but now I find Niji a very disappointing restaurant.  It was full of disappointment from the beginning (menu problems), and even the food is not good anymore now.  It is like one of those fancy decorated restaurants that just doesn’t serve good enough food, overpriced for the quality and quantity.  It’s sad how they cannot maintain the consistency.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0411 Niji 1 0411 Niji 2 0411 Niji 3Very nice decors inside.  There are little booths at the two sides that faces window.

0211 Moriawase #6 (Niji)Moriawase #6 (Special Combo #6)
Spicy Salmon:
Philadelphia: Salmon, avocado, tobiko, cream cheese

0211 Moriawase #7 (Niji)Moriawase #7(Special Combo #7)
Red dragon: Fried shrimp, avocado, tobiko, salmon on top
Spicy Salmon
YamTempura Roll

1110 Sushi boat (Niji)Sushi boat

0411 Tempura udon 1 (Niji) 0411 Tempura udon 2 (Niji)Tempura Udon
Noodles in hot soup with assorted tempura
Coating is quite thick.  Very greasy as well.

0411 Teriyaki and tempura bento box (Niji)Teriyaki and Tempura Bento Box
Salmon with assorted tempura
The salmon was very dry and fishy (frozen salmon?)

1010 순두부 Soft Tofu Stew (Niji)순두부Soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew)
Silky tofu stewed in hot & spicy broth with seafood, beef and diced vegetable, rice.

0211 LA 갈비 정식  LA Kalbi Jung Sik (Niji)LA 갈비 정식  LA Kalbi Jung Sik

0411 Spicy bulgogi (Niji)Spicy bulgogi
Marinated beef with spicy sauce
I have ordered this twice.  The first time I ordered it was when Niji just opened.  It had a lot more beef with a good amount of seasoning and spiciness.  The pan was nice and hot (not to the point of burning) and I remembered I was able to mix the rice on the pan with the remaining sauce.  Many months later when I reordered the same dish (because it tasted good and I didn’t have a camera with me last time), it was very disappointing.  There was not enough seasoning (and there was no heat in it).  They added a puddle of water to the pan and it became a pretty gross mixture of water and fat.  The bean sprouts at the bottom did not capture any seasoning and was just sitting in a puddle of water/fat mixture.

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Niji Korean and Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Niji Sushi

168 Division Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 546-NIJI (6454)


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