Kingston Eats: Arisu Restaurant

✣ Top pick ✣

I love Arisu.  It is definitely my favourite Korean restaurant.  The first time we came here it was for YJ’s birthday, and they gave us a very beautiful complimentary sushi boat.  Since then I have revisited many times.  Their gam ja tang is my staple.  C said it’s even better than any gam ja tang she tried in Toronto.  The banchan here deserves special mention as well.  They are always extremely well executed and the kitchen doesn’t give you the same banchan over and over again.  This is comfort food at its best (funny how I describe this as comfort food because I never had non-Chinese food prior to coming to Canada).  Their Japanese food isn’t too bad (although not the best offered in Kingston).  It is also nice to note that the rice they use is the real Korean rice, not any crappy rice variety sold in supermarkets here in North America.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0412 Sashimi appetizer (Arisu)Sashimi appetizer
6pcs assorted raw fish

0411 Sashimi Dinner (Arisu)Sashimi Dinner

1010 Caterpillar Roll (Arisu)Caterpillar Roll
California maki topped with unagi & avocado.

0212 Beef Udon Soup (Arisu)Beef Udon Soup
Sliced beef and vegetables in broth

0311 Spicy Fresh Salmon (Arisu)Spicy Fresh Salmon
Fresh salmon mixed with cucumber and spicy sauce
Salad with a Korean flavour, not a Japanese vinaigrette seasoning

0412 Beef Dumpling (Arisu)Beef dumpling (steamed)
Arisu was previously Mr. Dumplings.  These were freshly homemade dumplings.  I’m not sure if this was a limited time offer because I haven’t seen it on the menu after spring.

0512 감자탕 Gamja Tang 2 (Arisu)0512 감자탕 Gamja Tang 1 (Arisu)감자탕 Gamja Tang
Pork bone soup with potatoes and vegetables, rice
Pork is very nicely seasoned and fresh (doesn’t have a gamey taste to it).  There is a LOT of meat attached.  I’m always left with just a few bones after I finish it.

0412 육개장 Yuk Kae Jang (Arisu)육개장Yuk Kae Jang
Spicy beef soup mixed with vegetables

0412 순두부 찌개 Tofu Soup (Arisu)순두부 찌개Tofu Soup
Silken tofu with seafood and vegetables

1210 불고기 Bulgogi (Arisu)불고기 Bul Ko Ki
Thinly sliced beef marinated with vegetables

0212 제육볶음 Je Yuk Bok Eun (Arisu)제육볶음 Je Yuk Bok Eun
Pan fried spicy pork with potatoes and vegetables

0212 비빔밥 Bi Bim Bap (Arisu)비빔밥 Bi Bim Bap
Vegetables, ground beef, fried egg served with rice in a hot stone bowl

0212 김치찌개 Kim Chi Jji Kae (Arisu)김치찌개 Kim Chi Jji Kae
Pork and kimchi soup with rice

0412 Chap chae (Arisu)Chap chae
Sweet potato noodle with sliced beef and vegetables

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Arisu on Urbanspoon

Arisu Restaurant

185 Division Street Kingston, ON, K7K 3Y9
(613) 531-9265


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