Kingston Eats: Card’s Bakery/Cakes by Krista

Card’s Bakery has been established in Kingston for a very long time.  It’s an old school bakery with staple bakery items.  I never seemed to like their yeasted bread; it’s always flavourless and quite dry.  The other items aren’t so bad, they are mainly homemade quality baked goods.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0212 Roast Beef & Cheddar Wrap (Card's Bakery)Roast Beef & Cheddar Wrap

0611 Strawberry custard pie (Card's Bakery)Strawberry custard pie
Seasonal product.  Berries are picked daily at Fruition Berry Farm and delivered every morning.  The crust was thin and flaky but lacked flavour.  The custard was a bit grainy.

0611 Challah (Card's Bakery)Challah
I hate to say this, but this was a bad challah.  It was a loaf of tasteless dry bread.

0711 Birthday Cake 1 (Card's Bakery) 0711 Birthday Cake 2 (Card's Bakery)Birthday Cake
Very moist 🙂

1111 Butter Tarts (Card Bakery)Butter Tarts
Not bad but the crust was still flavourless.

1011 Carrot Squares 1 (Card Bakery) 1011 Carrot Squares 2 (Card Bakery)Carrot Squares
Moist and the frosting was quite well made.

0611 Cookies (Card's Bakery)Cookies

0611 Shortbread (Card's Bakery)Shortbread

0611 Tarts (Card's Bakery)Tarts

0611 Decorated butterfly cookies (Card's Bakery)Decorated butterfly cookies

0611 Card's Bakery

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Card’s Bakery/Cakes by Krista
304 Bagot St, Kingston, ON K7K 3B4, Canada


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