Kingston Eats: Pan Chancho Bakery & Café

✣ Top pick ✣

I really like Pan Chancho.  It is my go to bakery for artisan bread (and the finest one we have here).  It’s fun to go check out once in a while.  You’ll never know what specialty bread you may find that day.  Their desserts are voted #1 in Kingston.  They always come up with specialty food during holidays.

As for their café, line can be very long, so be prepared to wait for a while especially during lunch and brunch hours.  Upscale pricing but the food is really top-notch.  I love how the bread basket can be refilled (you can always ask for a stop).  As for the service there, well, I go for the ambience and food.  The quality of service depends on your luck of the day (and this should not be the rule in any restaurants).  We had amazing services a few times, but we also had the worst services ever in the very same place.  Disappointingly it happened more than once.  The worst time was when our orders were messed up and the waiter insisted we ordered more dishes than we remembered.  Even if he didn’t cancel the dishes, he also refused to apologize.  With that being said I still like the café a lot.  The service should be improved for sure.  I tend to find the younger staffs have better services, while the older staffs (who probably worked here for a long time) aren’t very nice to customers.

℘ Pan Chancho is a member of “Local Food Local Chef”, a Kingston initiative to promote the area as a destination of culinary tourism

℘ Recommended in Where to Eat in Canada

℘ Sister restaurant with Chez Piggy

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$$

0411 Orzo, feta & dill pasta salad with Garlic shrimp & baby spinach (Pan Chancho)Garlic Shrimp with Orzo Pasta Salad
Orzo, feta & dill pasta salad with Garlic shrimp & baby spinach

0412 Salmon salad multigrain sandwich (Pan Chancho)Salmon salad
With roasted tomato and fennel mayonnaise on multigrain bread with beet salad

1211 Ensalada de Amor (Pan Chancho)Ensalada de Amor
Grilled beef medallions wrapped in chorizo, charred beet & arugula salad potato chips with chèvre dip

0412 Wild Smoked and Deviled (Pan Chancho)Wild Smoked and Deviled
Smoked wild salmon, bibb lettuce and salsa verde deviled eggs with smoked paprika and rye butter crackers

0411 7oz Spicy Ranchero Burger (Pan Chancho)7oz Spicy Ranchero Burger
With Guacamole, Pickled Peppers, Monterey Jack & Fried Egg
The burger patty is not your average handmade burger patty.  I can see real bacon bits and some pepper flakes contained in it.  There must be seasonings and probably horseradish and cheese in this special handmade burger patty.  The main drawback was the bun.  While it was a nice made-in-house bread, it was not soft enough to qualify for a good burger bun.  It holds up the burger mess but I thought it was a bit too hearty.  The fries taste like fries from New York Fries.  They’re made from very good potatoes.

1211 Meaty Meat Burger (Pan Chancho)Meaty Meat Burger
7 oz of ground beef spiced with scallions & rosemary, patates frites aïoli


0411 Lemon Danish (Pan Chancho)Lemon Danish

0411 Hot Cross Bun 1 (Pan Chancho) 0411 Hot Cross Bun 2 (Pan Chancho)Hot Cross Bun
Easter month specialty – also only on limited supply from Friday to Sundays.  This is a beautiful traditionally made hot cross bun that is fruity (includes glazed fruit peels), has a good amount of spice, and made from good quality dough.

0411 Apple frangipane (Pan Chancho)Apple frangipane
Apple tart with sweet almond meal filling

0412 Midnight Chocolate Cake (Pan Chancho)Midnight Chocolate Cake
With Strawberry Buttercream


1110 Black and Green Olive Sourdough Baguette (Pan Chancho)Black and Green Olive Sourdough Baguette

0910 Pumpernickel Bread (Pan Chancho)Pumpernickel Bread

1010 Dark Army Rye Bread 1 (Pan Chancho) 1010 Dark Army Rye Bread 2 (Pan Chancho)Dark Army Rye Bread

1210 חלה (Challah) (Pan Chancho)Challah
December specialty

0411 Epi (Pan Chancho)Epi

0511 Challah Burger Bun 1 (Pan Chancho) 0511 Challah Burger Bun 2 (Pan Chancho)Challah burger bun
The bun was soft and sweet.  It stands out on its own without adding the meat.  Now I only wish they used this bun in the café instead of the ciabatta burger bun that I wasn’t a huge fan of (too bready for a burger).

0711 Fig & Anise 1 (Pan Chancho) 0711 Fig & Anise 2 (Pan Chancho)Fig & Anise Bread

0411 Pan Chancho

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Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Pan Chancho Bakery & Café

44 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 544-7790


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