Kingston Eats: Wooden Heads Gourmet Pizza

✣ Top pick ✣

This is good quality pizza 😀 The pizza is very good and fresh.  There are nearly 3 dozen custom-made toppings to choose from (beware: not all are hits), and the other half of the menu has a wide selection of tapas, salad, panini, and Italian dishes to choose from.  If you get a chance give the non-pizza items a go, they are equally terrific.

Woodenheads has a lovely brick fire oven 😛  They produce a distinctive, very thin and crusty savoury crust (Woodenhead’s crust is chewier than Atomica’s crust.  Atomica has a thin crispy crust).  One of the hallmarks of great pizza is a crust so compelling you could eat it by itself.   The crust is nearly perfect and is definitely a good bread 😀 While Atomica converted me to like (good quality) pizza, I think Woodenheads has the better crust.  If you like Pizza, and I mean quality pizza, not the junk that comes to your door, then you will enjoy this restaurant.   Dessert is made in house and fresh to order.  Definitely don’t miss this part out when you get a chance to sit-in.

P.S. While Woodenheads seems slightly cheaper than Atomica, their pizza is around 10” in diameter, whereas Atomica’s pizza is 12” in diameter.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$$

0311 WoodenheadsFire Brick Oven

0311 Lumpia Diavolo (Woodenheads)Lumpia Diavolo
Spring rolls stuffed with blackened chicken, feta cheese and red cabbage, served with cambazola cream sauce and papaya habenero salsa

0411 Insalata Estate (Woodenheads)Insalata Estate
Roasted red potato, artichoke and mustard greens in lemon chili roast garlic vinaigrette, topped with blackened chicken breast and mustard seed sauce – ‘favoloso!’

0411 Pesce da Nizza 1 (Woodenheads) 0411 Pesce da Nizza 2 (Woodenheads)Pesce da Nizza
Halibut filet on tomato, potato, artichoke and asparagus salad with vinegrette de nizza.
Special of the day.  The halibut was nicely cooked.  It was buttery and flaky without being too dry.

0311 Margherita (Woodenheads)Margherita
Tomato sauce, tomatoes, bocconcini and basil
With added roasted garlic, but it didn’t really stand out 😦

0311 Cacciatore (Wooden Heads)Cacciatore
Pomodoro sauce, mushrooms, mozzarella, pancetta, lemon chicken
Personal favourite out of the pizzas I have tried at Woodenheads.  Don’t miss out the pancetta, it’s very good!

0311 Quattro Stagione (woodenheads)Quattro Stagione
Tomato sauce, salami sporessada, scallops, artichoke, mushrooms, mozzarella

0411 Dynamo (Wooden Heads)Dynamo
Pesto, roasted roma tomatoes, feta, smoked chicken, honey drizzle
This is another good one.  Feta wasn’t too salty and the tomatoes were plump and fresh.

0511 Porcini veloute, portabello slices, grape tomatoes, asparagus spears, prosciutto & romano shavings (Woodenheads)(Special)
Porcini veloute, portabello slices, grape tomatoes, asparagus spears, prosciutto & romano shavings
Not too impressed with the prosciutto, I’ve had better elsewhere.

0412 Nonna Mela (Woodenheads)

Nonna Mela
Apple butter, roast garlic, cheddar, sweet onions, blackened chicken

0412 Arrogosta (Woodenheads)Arrogosta
Curried lobster veloute, smoked cheese, blackened chicken, banana chili and black olives

0311 Strawberry Phyllo Lasagna with Chocolate Mousse (Woodenheads)Strawberry Phyllo Lasagna with Chocolate Mousse

0311 Dark and white chocolate pear calzone 1 (Woodenheads) 0311 Dark and white chocolate pear calzone 2 (Woodenheads)
Dark and White Chocolate Pear Calzone
It is a hot-warm dessert.  Very nice bread dough with lots of pear and white chocolate fillings inside.  It is not oversweet.  It is very big and filling so leave room for the pear calzone.  I actually had dreams about it weeks after I ordered it 😆

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Wooden Heads Gourmet Pizza on Urbanspoon

Wooden Heads Gourmet Pizza

192 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON K7L 2Y8
(613) 549-1812


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