Kingston Eats: Geneva Crepe Café

Very well made crepes.  The fillings are well prepared and the crepes are very filling on its own.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0212 Beef Bourguignon (Geneva Crepe)Beef Bourguignon
A traditional French Classic, slow cooked beef in red wine, fresh herbs & vegetables in a rich sauce wrapped in a crepe and served with whipped potato and carrot puree.
A well-made deeply flavoured beef stew with a rich sauce.

0212 Seafood Lovers (Geneva Crepe)Seafood Lovers
Crepe filled with Shrimps, Lobster and Crab sautéed in white wine, red onions & red peppers in a rich cream sauce over bed of fresh mix green
Have lumps of lobster meat in it.

0212 Paris a la mode (Geneva Crepe)“Paris” a la mode
Poached pears in red wine, Brie cheese wrapped in a dessert crepe with homemade crème Anglaise, dark chocolate Ganache, lemon ice cream, almonds, cinnamon sprinkle & a dollop of fresh whipped cream
This was an interesting combination of sweet ingredients with savoury brie cheese.  It turned out to be very good.

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Geneva Crêpe Café on Urbanspoon

Geneva Crepe Cafe

297 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L1B4, Canada
+1 613-507-0297 ‎

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