Kingston Eats: The Ruffled Feather Fine Food Café & Deli

I can’t believe we passed by this nice little place and headed for the terrible West 76 Grill the other day.  The ruffled feather is a lovely little deli near the waterfront.  It is open from breakfast until dinner.  Menu is updated daily.  Place is very clean with lots of seating.  Food is decent.  A good selection of cheese and cold cuts are available here.  Many ingredients are taken from local farm or farms in Ontario & Québec.  There are also frozen take-home meals available.  A small but very well-done dessert section is available as well.  It was interesting when I read from the newspaper and found out the owner is the daughter-in-law of the much beloved Golden Rooster Deli.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0511 Monte Cristo with honey mustard (Ruffled Feather)Monte cristo with honey mustard
A very forgettable sandwich.  Couldn’t taste much of the mustard.  It was also quite dry.  The bread was fluffy and soft.  I think it was being pan fried.  I was actually expecting French Toast for a Monte Cristo 😕

0511 Mango Chantilly Cake (Ruffled Feather)Mango Chantilly Cake
The crumb was very fine and the cake was moist.  The frosting was very well done.

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The Ruffled Feather on Urbanspoon

The Ruffled Feather Fine Food Café & Deli

135 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 544-8037


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