Kingston Eats: The Mug & Truffle Chocolate Café Inc

Mug & Truffle serves deli selection (from Montréal deli), ice cream (from Kawartha), cakes and pastries (from Dufflet Pastries), and fair trade coffee. I don’t quite like this place.  The lady reminded me of old librarians.  We talked to her but she just wasn’t friendly.  The cake was good, but it wasn’t made in-store.  I haven’t tried the deli but I don’t know why I want to, considering the fact that Golden Rooster Deli is only a block away.  The bagels are from Gryfe’s Bagels in Toronto, and I also don’t know why I want to buy it because Pan Chancho is also just a block away from here.  On the other hand, one can appreciate the fact that these options (Kawartha, Dufflet, Gryfe’s Bagels etc) out of town are available for customers at Mug & Truffle.  Personally I’d rather buy local so it doesn’t appeal to me.  The coffee is alright (better than Starbucks anyway) but there are better coffee shops around this area (Coffee & Company is just at the other corner).  You can’t choose the size of the coffee.  It’s all served in a very big mug.  I also think there are very limited options for coffee selections.  I don’t care for how many types of specialty lattes you have, it’s very fancy stuff.  I want to see more types of coffee roast that you have in the café.  I think quality is more important than quantity for a coffeehouse.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0411 Toffee Crunch Latte (Mug & Truffle)Toffee Crunch Latte
Sweet toffee & hazelnut
(Signature Lattes: Our signature lattes come with 1 shot of espresso, frothy milk & 2 flavour syrups topped with whipped cream)
The milk is velvety smooth.  Can’t taste much of the hazelnut in it.  It’s a very sweet drink.

0411 Milk steamer, hazelnut (Mug & Truffle)Milk steamer
With hazelnut flavour shot
Maybe because the serving size is too big, the hazelnut flavour also didn’t come out.  F said she definitely had far better hazelnut steamed milk elsewhere.

0411 Hazelnut cakelet (Mug & Truffle)Hazelnut cakelet
Chocolate and hazelnut cake, hazelnut buttercream, dark chocolate ganache
It was good, but nothing special.

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Mug & Truffle Chocolate Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Mug & Truffle Chocolate Café Inc

350 King Street East Kingston, ON
(613) 549-0222


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