Kingston Eats: Sipps Coffee & Dessert Bar

Sipps has a very nice environment.  The exterior faces market square while the inner part is very nicely decorated.  It’s not a bad place to come and sit with your friends and have a chat.  There’s no internet here, and the background radio is quite loud (or sound from the counter while staff prepares for orders).  However I don’t think it’s a great coffeehouse.  Coffee isn’t very good quality, and dessert isn’t too good either.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0511 Blended matcha (Sipps)Blended matcha
The white swirly part was crushed ice that wasn’t mixed well (there’s also a lot of ice on the top).  It’s a bit too sweet but at least it doesn’t taste like a diluted drink.  However I am very offended by a comment made by one of the staff the other day when a customer asked what matcha was.  The staff described it as “it tastes like grass” 😯 Perhaps you have mistaken this with barley green? 🙄

0411 French Vanilla, Pomegranate Rosehip, Lemon Madness, Truffle Chocolate bar (Sipps)Rosehip Tea
We were surprised that they gave us a teapot for one order.
Lemon Madness
Nice tangy fluffy cheese layer.  It reminded me the texture of French cheesecake.  The crust wasn’t too good.  It was very crumbly.
Truffle Chocolate Bar
Again, the crust was bad.  The middle layer was creamy and smooth, but it the chocolate flavour wasn’t too intense.

0711 Key Lime Blast & Chocolate Xtreme (Sipps)Top: Chocolate Xtreme
Rich choclate with a callebaut chocolate swirl
Bottom: Key Lime Blast
Lime, with a kick!
Sipps had homemade ice cream during summer.  It wasn’t nicely churned.  The texture was icy ice cream.

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Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon

Sipps Coffee & Dessert Bar

33 Brock Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 542-8868


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