Kingston Eats: Coffeeco

After living here for a few years I realized it’s not easy to find a good coffee shop in Kingston.  I did like Coffeeco at first because their brewed coffee was good.  All products here are certified organic.  I think they have good quality coffee, but their baristas have poor technique, thus ruining a good cup of coffee.  I also didn’t like the bathroom door being wide open and facing the customers.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0911 Cappuccino & Scallion Scone (Coffeeco)Cappuccino
It wasn’t well made.  The coffee beneath was good but the steamed milk was very foamy and badly made.
Scallion scone
Quite buttery but also tad bit too greasy.

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Coffeeco Espresso Bars on Urbanspoon


1046 Princess Street, Kingston, ON, Canada +1 613-542-7994 ‎
344 Johnson Street, Kingston, ON, Canada +1 613-531-7994 ‎


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