Kingston Eats: Coffee & Company

This is becoming one of my favourite coffee places in Kingston now.  It’s a nice coffee house to come in, sit for a few hours and work.  There are many sitting available (small table for 2, enough for one to come in and have enough room to leave your belongings).  Coffee served is pretty good (nice dark roast, milk foam quality).  They also sell Godiva chocolate and related products here.  I also discovered their dessert selection gets updated once in a while (and very good quality, although not made in store).

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

0411 White chocolate ginger biscotti & peru dark (Coffee & Company)Certified organic peru dark
White chocolate ginger biscotti (from Touché)

0411 Hot Chocolate (Coffee & Company)Hot chocolate
Italian chocolate syrup with steamed milk topped with real whipped cream

0411 Raspberry Lemon Crunch (Coffee & Company)Raspberry Lemon Crunch (by La Rocca Creative Cakes)
Layers of lemon mousse, white sponge, almond meringue and raspberry compote surrounded by ladyfingers and finished with raspberry glaze and toasted meringue.
This was very delicious (much better than Dufflet pastries served at Mug & Truffle).  It was a nice tangy bland of lemon and raspberry.  The meringue tasted like marshmallow.  It’s also a very light cake.

0911 Lemon Mousse Cake (Coffee & Company)Lemon Mousse Cake (by La Rocca Creative Cakes)
A light zesty lemon mousse and fresh 35% whipping cream surround two layers of white sponge cake. White chocolate shavings coat the exterior and fresh lemon wedges gracefully decorate the top.

0911 Mocha Eruption Frappé (Coffee & Company)Mocha Eruption Frappé
Espresso, chocolate, milk and ice blended with chocolate covered espresso beans and topped with real whipped cream.

0411 Polar cappucino (Coffee & Company)Polar cappuccino
Espresso, milk and ice blended to perfection 

0711 Strawberry Smoothie & Mango Green Tea Frappé (Coffee & Company)Left: Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry purée blended with milk and ice and topped with real whipped cream
Right: Mango Green Tea Frappé
Green Tea Matcha blended with milk & ice combined with Mango puree & topped with real whipped cream
A bit too sweet, but very creamy and delicious.  It was like drinking ice cream 😛

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Coffee & Company

53 Princess Street Kingston, ON
(613) 547-9211