Kingston Eats: Mio Gelato

Located near the waterfront and right near the local gem artisanal ice-cream store, White Mountain, Mia Gelato was a huge buzz when it opened.  It’s a fun place to go to.  Gelato, sorbet, and ice-cream are sold here.  The gelatos are nicely presented in front of the customers.  Staffs are very friendly and you can always ask for a taste test before you make up your mind.  The flavours are a hit or miss.  Unfortunately there are more misses than hits for me.  A lot of the flavours are bland (to the point it is not even close to the description of its name) and are more like slush (really makes me think of bad quality sorbet) than a creamy silk gelato should be like.  On top of that, why are the gelatos all so vividly bright in colour?  I wanted to like this place but I really don’t think it’s worth my money.  I have no doubt it will stay for a long time because of the lack of competitors and afterall, it is located right at the peak tourist spot.

My ratings:
Price range: $-$$

0411 Mia Gelato 1 0411 Mia Gelato 2 0411 Mia Gelato 3 0411 Mia Gelato 4

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Mio Gelato on Urbanspoon

Mia Gelato

178 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON


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