Kingston Eats: Copper Penny

It’s a popular hangout restaurant for students and families, but I think it’s overpriced for a very mediocre menu and food.  Their dessert is very terrible (we never finished them.  As an indicator, we don’t throw any food out unless it went bad or it’s inedible).  My floormate told me they used to serve a bigger portion of food than they do now.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$

0411 Penny on the Farm (Copper Penny)Penny on the Farm
The largest platter of food you’ll ever see! Charboiled steak topped with gravy, fried onions and mushrooms n garlic toast alongside a grilled chicken breast, over one third of a pound of ribs, chicken finger, breaded mushrooms, steamed vegetables, and your choice of potato.  Have your ribs and chicken breast served with your choice of honey-garlic, teriyaki or any degree of BBQ sauce you desire.
Breading was too thick and there were various burnt parts on the food.  It wasn’t bad but I also see lots of room for improvement.

0811 Chicken Portobello Skillet (Copper Penny)Chicken Portobello Skillet
Grilled chicken breast topped with out Portobello mushroom sauce, sweet roasted cloves of garlic and diced green onion.  Served with steamed vegetables and roasted rosemary potatoes.

0811 8oz New York Steak (Copper Penny)8oz New York Steak
The finest steak basted with BBQ sauce while cooking over the hot coals, just the way you like it!  Served with steamed vegetables, sautéed mushrooms and choice of potato.
Burnt food…

0411 Chocolate Suicide (Copper Penny)Chocolate Suicide
Layers of chocolate mousse, rich, mouth-watering chocolate cake & thick, dark chocolate fudge icing finished with a piece of milk chocolate
Cake was dry (and it felt warm even though it came from the fridge).  The icing was very gross and felt like eating grainy-textured softened butter – don’t be mislead by the description, it barely tasted like chocolate.

0411 Oreo Chocolate Cake (Copper Penny)Oreo Chocolate Cake
The cake was very dry.  I wonder how many days have they kept this cake in the fridge?  I make much better (and moist) chocolate cake than they do.  At least the oreo cookie wasn’t soggy.  I did like the filling in between – it was rich in milk flavour with bits of oreo in it (I’m guessing whipped cream was one of the ingredients).

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Copper Penny on Urbanspoon

Copper Penny

240 Princess Street,
Kingston ON, K7L 1B2
(613) 549-4257


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