Kingston Eats: Megalos Restaurant

Megalos is a fairly upscale restaurant.  It had a very nice décor with ample amount of seating.  X told me she has been here a few times for parties where people rented out the basement.  Service was good although it was tediously slow (and we went in midday when there really weren’t too many customers).  Overall I’m a little disappointed in their food.  It wasn’t bad, but for the price they were charging I expected more.

My ratings: ❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$$$

0411 Sweet Pear (Megalos)Sweet Pear
Vanilla & red wine poached pear with almond crusted brie, candied pecans, confit of onion & maple syrup served with crostinis
Not as good as the wine poached pear at Aquaterra.  It seemed to be a popular appetizer but it was a weird blend of ingredients I think.  I also didn’t think the pecans were candied very nicely.  I also did not notice the crust outside the brie was almond, I just thought it was some tasteless coating.

0411 Crab Ravioli (Megalos)Crab Ravioli
Handmade pasta filled with atlantic crab & chevre cheese, served with forest mushrooms in a rosé sauce
Didn’t try this.  Comment on this was: ravioli was good, but sauce not so much.

0411 Green Tea Chicken (Megalos)Green Tea Chicken
Roast chicken infused with green tea & coconut milk, served with sauteed cabbage, onions & grape tomatoes on green tea coconut risotto
It had an interesting take on the ingredients and it was interesting to see how the flavours come out together if done well.  Waiter told us the green tea is a blend from the Tea Store (I do like that store).  Risotto was done very well; it was creamy but still firm to the bite.  It was also very nicely seasoned with a subtle hint of green tea.  As for the entire dish, neither the green tea nor coconut flavour stood out.  If I wasn’t told of the ingredients I probably wouldn’t even guess green tea and coconut were part of it.

0411 Banana Split (Megalos)Banana Split
Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream with chocolate & strawberry sauce, banana, whip cream, chocolate chips, a wafer & a cherry

0411 Euphoreo (Megalos)Euphoreo
Part of the daily dessert selection.  It consisted of layers of chocolate cake and oreo fluff.  I didn’t like this at all.  The cake part was very dry, and there wasn’t enough chocolate flavour (I think I make much better chocolate cake than this one).  The icing in between tasted like goo.  It did not resemble oreo fluff at all.  The best part of the cake: the little bit of real oreo fluff in between that tiny (but soggy) oreo cookie on top.

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Megalos Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Megalos Restaurant Inc

226 Princess Street
Kingston, ON
(613) 531-9788


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