Montréal Eats: Tibetan OM

It’s a pretty neat little family restaurant that serves Tibetan and Indian cuisine.  The menu isn’t terribly authentic, there are signs of fusion dishes everywhere on the menu.  Nonetheless they serve pretty good food that’s up par to homemade quality.  Their main entrees are better than the rest of the other items served on the menu.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $-$$

Laasi mangue
I think it should be renamed to mango juice.  It wasn’t thick and there wasn’t any spice (namely cardamon) added to it.

Soupe au Churu
Soupe au fromage bleu servie avec des morceaux d’agneau
Blue cheese soup — served with pieces of lamb
I thought it was a pretty interesting soup, but it is quite greasy with the blue cheese added to it.

Légumes éminces et frits dans une pâte maison
Crisp light vegetables fried in a homamade batter

Momos au boeuf
Dumplings farcis de boeuf, servis avec soupe et salade
Steamed Dumplings filled with beef, served with soup and salad
Handmade dumplings that are megasize.

2 beignets frits, farcis de boeuf, servic avec soupe et salade
Two fried pastries filled with beef, served with soup and salad
These are very large.  The shell wasn’t very greasy.  It was the right thickness to contain all the juices from the filling.

Riz sucré servi avec yogourt maison
Sweet rice served with homemade yogurt

Dessert indien sucré servi dans un sirop
Sweet Indian dessert served in a syrup
I didn’t think it was very well-made.  It was way too dense and was very grainy.

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Restaurant Tibetan OM
4382 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec