周圍食 Nov’14:Délifrance

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $$

1114 Sautéed linguine carbonara with bacon and cheese & Cream of spinach soup (Delifrance)Sautéed linguine carbonara with bacon and cheese
It’s quite watered down, tasted more like cream sauce than carbonara
Cream of spinach soup
Lukewarm soup and cold piece of toast…

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周圍食 Oct’14:Délifrance

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $$

1014 Roasted portabello and cheese sandwich in black truffle sauce 1 (Délifrance) 1014 Roasted portabello and cheese sandwich in black truffle sauce 2 (Délifrance)Roasted portabello and cheese sandwich in black truffle sauce with continental salad
The bread was a bit cold

1014 Mixed vegetable bouillon soup (Délifrance)Mixed vegetable bouillon soup

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Kingston Eats: Le Chien Noir Bistro

✣ Top pick ✣

This is one of my favourite restaurants in downtown (other will be Aquaterra.  I highly appreciate the fact they use high quality seasonal local product, I am a big supporter to buy local (better for environment and reduce carbon footprint).  Food is very rich here, but it’s worth every bite.  Very very very tasty food (alright it’s French bistro food!!) 🙂 Don’t miss out their poutine, it’s one of the best poutines I’ve had 🙂 (Actually the best I’ve had so far. I have yet to try the poutine in old Montreal)

℘ Le Chien Noir is a member of “Local Food Local Chef”, a Kingston initiative to promote the area as a destination of culinary tourism.

℘ Sister restaurants with Atomica & Harper’s.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$$

0511 Le Chien Noir1010 Monte Cristo (Le Chien Noir)Monte Cristo
“Lyon’s Farm” smoked turkey, “Pingue” Niagara proscuitto, compté cheese, egg battered grilled sourdough.
‘Patchwork Gardens’ Green Salad
Local organic baby lettuces, crushed hazelnuts, chèvre, blackberry-thyme vinaigrette.
I don’t like French toast, but Le Chien Noir changed my mind on very well-made French toast (as opposed to greasy soggy toast).  It’s amazing how the three sister restaurants made me change my attitude towards certain food dishes that I don’t particularly like.

1010 Poutine (Le Chien Noir)Poutine
Frites, shredded duck confit, Québec triple cream brie, green peppercorn & congnac jus.
It’s pure heaven, and I don’t say this unless it’s really out of the world.

1010 Seafood Linguine (Le Chien Noir)Seafood Linguine
Lobster, scallops, sweet peas, red onion, arugula cream sauce.

0311 'Lyon's Farm' Chicken Sandwich (Le Chien Noir)‘Lyon’s Farm’ Chicken Sandwich
Grilled marinated breast, sautéed mushrooms, spinach, chevre, balsamic aioli, ciabatta

0311 Black dog hash (Le Chien Noir)Black Dog Hash
Root vegetable & duck confit, two fried eggs, veal jus
Such beautiful eggs 🙂

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Le Chien Noir Bistro on Urbanspoon

Le Chien Noir Bistro

69 Brock Street
Kingston, ON K7L 1R8
(613) 549-5635


Montréal Eats: Bistro Imagination

It’s more of a deli/cafe than a real bistro.  Everything is extremely overpriced.  I thought the food was good but it’s still very much overpriced.  They’re usually only open for lunch hours and are only open for dinner on selective days of the week.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$

Amuse-bouche of the day
Fried shrimp with orange marmalade and onion rings
It was quite well-made, but it’s only a bite-size portion (as the name suggests)

Cream of brocolli

Saumon de l’Atlantique sauce du Chef

Bavette de boeuf
Sauce Bourgogne à l’échalote française et légumes


Pineapple tart
I forgot the name for this dessert.  Warm savoury pineapple wrapped inside some flaky pastry sheets.

Tea collection

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Bistro Imagination on Urbanspoon

Bistro Imagination
501 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest
Montréal, QC, Canada


Montréal Eats: Moutons Noirs

Great location in Montréal plateau.  This is a bistro that specializes in lamb dishes.  Local Quebecois lamb are also available at a much higher price.  The food was simply amazing.  Service was slow but nonetheless we had a great meal here.

My ratings: ❤❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$

Brie grillé à l’érable et ail
Maple garlic roasted brie
It’s a simple appetizer that’s very well-made.  There’s plenty of garlic but it didn’t overwhelm the brie.

Carré des prairies d’agneau
Demi glace, mûres
Meadows rack of lamb
Demi glace, black berries

Carré des bois d’agneau
Crême, demi glace, champignons sauvages, thé des bois et vin blanc
Wild rack of lamb
Cream, demi glace, wild mushrooms, wild tea and white wine

They look pretty much the same.  The only difference is the sauce they marinated the lamb in.  The lamb is very tender and flavourful.  The potatoes and vegetables are very well cooked.

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Moutons Noirs on Urbanspoon

Moutons Noirs
4135 Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M3
(514) 504-1619

Montréal Eats: L’Express

This is one of the most well-known French bistros in town.  Decor is a traditional French bistro with the ornate bar and the black and white checkered floor.  The service was polite and efficient.  The food is hit or miss for me.  I think it’s a good spot if you’re looking for a Paris bistro type place, but keep in mind that there are many other great bistros in Montreal.  Reservatins are highly recommended as this place is almost always fully packed.

My ratings: ❤❤❤
Price range: $$-$$$

Os à moille – gros sel
It was good but this was really really rich.  You get a lot of bone marrow from each piece of bone.  The coarse salt seemed a bit too overpowering.  I didn’t quite enjoy this famous appetizer.

Sauté de canard confit avec salade
It was quite delicious, but it didn’t blow me away.  I thought the salad was a bit too greasy and the duck was on the dry side.

Risotto aux crevette
Please be aware that there’s lobster in the sauce, which was not clearly stated on the menu.

Cailles rôties et riz sauvage
I was pleasantly surprised that the quails were very juicy and moist.

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L'Express on Urbanspoon

Restaurant l’Express
3927 Rue Saint-Denis
Montreal, QC H2W 2M3, Canada
(514) 845-5333

Montréal Eats: Le Boeuf Gourmand

We had a groupon but still felt very ripped off after the meal.  Service was horrible.  Everything was very slow and there was only one waitress (well there was a younger waitress towards the end of the meal but she was only allowed to refill water and couldn’t take any orders 😯 ).  We actually witnessed two tables leaving in rage after a very long period of waiting.  Food was extremely overprice and the quality wasn’t any better than buying a good quality steak from a butcher store.

My ratings:
Price range: $$-$$$$

La salade cabri (Cabri salad)
5 toasts de baguette, frottés à l ail garni de fromage de chêvre gratiné, le tout servi sur une chiffonade de salade verte, de rondelles de tomates, relevée d’une vinaigrette balsamique
(5 slices of toasted baguette bread, rubbed with garlic, topped with goat cheese served on a bed of green salad garnished with tomato rings and shelled walnuts, enhanced with balsamic vinegar)
Burnt toast and the portion was very small (considering the price was around $13)L’assiétte océane (Ocean dish)
Un savoureuz mélange de crevettes grillées, flambées sur lit de salade agrémenté d’une sauce coktail
(a savoury blend of grilled shimp flambé on a bed of salad and tomatoes served with cocktail sauce
Shrimp was very tiny, and the potion size was very small (considering the price was around $14)
Le Tartare de boeuf-Un régal pour les amateurs de viandes crues!
250grs sélectionnés dans un contre filet AAA.  Haché à la commande, servi avec tous ses condiments vous laisserez aller vos humeurs en confectionnant vous-même votre tartare au gré de votre palais servi avec une salade et des pommes de terre frite maison à volonté.
(A delight for raw meat lovers! 7oz chosen from sirloin.  Chopped when ordered, served with all of its condiments.)
L’Entrecôte frites
300grs de pièce de boeuf dans le contre filet, cuit sur la braise: un vrai délice!
(10.6oz of beef ribs from sirloin, braised: a real delight!  Served with fresh homemade french fries.)
Les Accompagenements:
La sauce aux 4 poivres (4 peppers sauce)
mitonnée aux petits oignons dans un fond brun
Didn’t expect a lot for 10oz but it was really very thin and the quality wasn’t that special.
La Crème Brûlée la vraie!
Crème aromatisée au cointreau, caramélisée
Not very well made, seemed overcooked
Les Profiterolles
choux pâtissier fourré de glace à la vanille, nappé d’un chocolat chaud et d’amandes grillées
Very hard and stale, not quite what I expect for a profiterole

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Le Boeuf Gourmand on Urbanspoon

Le Boeuf Gourmand
3666 rue st denis,
Montréal, QC H2X 3L7, Canada
+1 514-849-8910

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